Komitas Themes

Piano Pictures for Four hands. Music Sheets. By Komitas motifs. Scores by Naira Khachatryan, Ani Yeghiazaryan, © 2002. Publisher: “KOMITAS” Publishing House, 2002.

BK_CH-002  $12.24

These notes have been written by Naira Khachatryan and Ani Yeghiazaryan, two experts of Great Komitas music for students and amateurs.

Notes include three nice songs:
1. Pastoral (Hovergakan)
2. In the Church
3. Graceful ( Nazani)

Review / Description

Piano Pictures Based on Komitas Themes, For Four Hands, Music Sheets.
Scores by Naira Khachatryan and Ani Yeghiazaryan, two experts of Great Komitas.

For music school students and amateurs.

Four hands notes is a very special way to learn play music in the couple.
That will give students good skills to play and listen partners.

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