Cadence, Armenian Metamorphoses

Expressia, Armenian Metamorphoses

The Cadence Ensemble continue their mission to bring Armenian music to a wider international audience, performing outstanding arrangements of folk and classical music from their homeland. Works from 18th and 19th centuries combine with music from new generation of modern…

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List of Tracks: Time
1. Krunk by Komitas Vardapet 3:46
2. Kujn Ara Yev Gna-Gna by Komitas Vardapet 2:58
3. Khani Vur Jan Im by Sayat-Nova 4:25
4. Inch Khonim Hekimn by Sayat-Nova 1:56
5. Dance by Shirin 2:30
6. Armenian Rhapsody by Arno Babadjanian 6:03
7. Folk Reflections by Karen Ananyan 12:50
8. Spartacus: Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia by Aram Khachaturian 8:56
9. Gayaneh: Dance of the Rose Maidens by Aram Khachaturian 2:34
10. Gayaneh: Lullaby by Aram Khachaturian 4:50
11. Gayaneh: Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian 2:01
Total time: 52:53

Review / Description

Since the Cadence Ensemble’s premiere performance in 2004, the group has quickly become one of the leading and most popular music groups of Armenia. Initially performing the works of Argentine composer, Astor Piazzolla the ensemble has expanded its repertoire to incorporate contemporary European and Armenian composers. Under the leadership of pianist, Armen Babakhanian, the ensemble have enjoyed international success. Most recently the ensemble have given concerts in Paris, London and Brussels.

Cadence Ensemble:
ASHOT KHOYETSYAN – Violin • GEVORG GASPARYAN – Accordion, Bandoneon

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, 14-18 October 2007
Cover Image – detail from painting by Svetlana Hakobyan
© 2008 The copyright in this recording is owned by Signum Records Ltd.

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