Plan B

J. ARMEN – Plan B, 2003, CD_R-001 Recorded at: Crystal Digital Studios, New York, USA Produced by J.ARMEN

CD_R-001 - $10.24 - $5.00 Special Sales, Last Copy
List of Tracks: Time
1. Dancing Maria -4:03
2. Got to Be Going -4:00
3. Waiting For Mine -4:26
4. Stay Away -3:49
5. 'til Georgia -5:33
6. 10 to 10 -5:56
7. The Epic -5:16
8. Fallen Angel -3:45
Total time: 36:48
Produced by: J.Armen © 1992, 1997, 2003.
J. Armen - vocal, guitars, keys
Josh Dion -drums
Pete Mora -bass
Wilson Chembo Corniel -percussion on 1,3 & 6
John Walsh -trumpet on 1
Vahan Artsruni -guitar on 8
Yeraz Markarian -flute on 3, vocal on 5 & 6
Nanor Misserlian -vocal on 5 & 6
Anoush Barclay, Hasmig Meikhanedjian -vocal on 7
Recorded at: Crystal Digital Studios, New York, USA, except: track 8 recorded live at 1+TV Network in Yerevan, Armenia. in July 1999.

Review / Description


…it was one of the best albums I’d heard this year. ‘Plan B’ really is a beautiful album, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Ruth McNerlan
November, 2003

…he has far too much of a gift for melody and a way of getting inside your soul the way he uses his voice, and his extensive musical background prior to his solo career definitely shows…
Nick Karn
December 2003

…Song after song brings sultry beats, dreamy chords, melodies you can drift away on, and that warm voice…
Jennifer Layton
November, 2003


…From 1 to 10 the CD is a perfect 10. Brilliantly done J.! …when someone has as much talent as he does you’d have to be deaf to give him anything else!
Brandon Dilks
October 2003

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