ApriColor Planet

ApriColor Planet A window into Armenian Art for children of all ages Produced by: Molorak Arts Inc. © 2006

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Chapter Overview

1. Color, Line and Form Animation - Birth of a Drawing, Soundtrack - Gayaneh Suite: Ayshe's Dance
2. The Magic of the Orient Animation - Oriental Theme, Soundtrack - Gayaneh Suite: Dance of hte Old Man and Carpet Weavers
3. This Little World of Mine Animation - Armenia on the Globe Video Clip - Children Drawing Soundtrack- Kakavik, Gayaneh Ballet: Garun Yerevan
4. Flowers and Fruit Soundtrack - Masquerade Sute:- Waltz
5. WaterWorld Animation: Frog and Fish in the Pond Soundtrack; Habrban
6. Eyes and Feelings Video Clip: Children in the Park Soundtrack: - Hoy Nazan, Nazeli
7. Masters of Today and Tomorrow Soundtrack: Gayaneh Suite: Dance of the Rose-Maiderns
8. Ararat Soundtrack: Spartakus Suite: Adagio of Spartakus and Phrygia
Credits: Soundtrack: Gayaneh Suite: Lulaby
Total time: 36 minutes

Produced by: Molorak Arts Inc. © 2006

Review / Description

A window into Armenian Art for children of all ages

This project will be exhibiting and providing classical and modern art education to Armenian children of all ages all around the world. ApriColor Planet is the second title released by Molorak Arts. Our theme in this title is painting, or more accurately, the art of combining lines, colors and shapes to create beautiful and worldly images. In keeping with Molorak Arts’ mission, we have chosen masterpieces from forty Armenian artists, ranging from Hakob Hovnatanian and Martiros Sarian to modern artists such as Grigor Khanjyan and Ashot Bayandour.

ApriColor Planet also introduces its audience to Armenian classical and folk music. Works of musical giants such as Aram Khachaturian and Komitas are inimitable accompaniments to the digital renditions of masterpieces of Armenian art.

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