Souren Baronian's Transition

Hye Inspiration

Hye Inspiration, – 2008. Sudan Baronian, Bob Tashjian & John Tarpinian. Artwork by Kevork Mourad.

CD_F-006 - $14.24 - $5.00 Special Sales
List of Tracks: Time
1. Khorodig (Armenian) -4:36
2. Hye-Ena (Armenian) -6:30
3. Siroon (Armenian) -5:41
Music by Souren Baronian/Lyrics by Bob Tashjian
4. Min Elek Hub (Arabic) -4:39
5. Eench Anem (Armenian) -3:45
Music by Souren Baronian/Lyrics by Bob Tashjian
6. Herosi Bar (Armenian) -5:36
Composed by Souren Baronian
7. Aghli-Jen (Arabic) -8:25
Music and Lyrics by Bob Tashjian
8. Mesrobi-Bar (Armenian) -3:36
Composed by Souren Baronian
Total time: 43:03
Souren Baronian: - G-Clarinet/Soprano Saxophone/Kaval and Percussion
Bob Tashjian: - Vocals
John Tarpinian: - Oud
Jack Zarzatian: - Acoustic Guitar
Steve Knight: - Bass
Jerry Tarpinian - Dumbeck
Orhan - Kanoun
Shamira - Percussion
Artwork and Design by Kevork Mourad

Review / Description

Armenians certainly know how to have a good time – a rejoicing, relaxed, good hearted good time. Good Spirits and dancing, good food and drink, and at the very center of it all, good music. Their party spirit is freewheeling and energetic, yet somehow always graceful and pervaded by respect and love for their ancient culture.
HYE INSPITATION is a party record, a dance record, and a listening record. IF near Eastern dance is your thing, the performances on this album will certainly bring you to your feet. But don’t fail to listen to it also in some quit, private place, or you may miss the many soulful and tasty touches, the strokes of fine musicianship, provided here by these unusual artists.

SOUREN BARONIAN – A sensitive and exciting performer on his instruments, Souren is al the composer of five of the tunes on this album. He has been the guiding spirit behind its creation, and a musical inspiration to the other players.

BOB TASHJIAN – Born in Syria of Armenian parents, Bob is a noted vocal stylist in Armenian, Arabic and other languages. He is the author of lyrics for two of the tunes, and both music and lyrics for another.
JOHN TARPINIAN – Originally inspired by “Middle Eastern Soul” and other albums by Souren and Bob. John has become in a short time on of the finest oudists in this country. He is adept at integrating modern touches into the traditional modes. So take this album home confident of the fullest enjoyment of Near Eastern music as played today. Most of the cuts are original compositions recorded here for the first time.
All are models of style, gems of Armenian (Hye) inspiration.

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