Souren Baronian

The Magic Carpet Ride (my life so far)

The Magic Carpet Ride (my life so far), 2011. SOUREN BARONIAN with J.P. Harpignies. This autobiographical book is about the life, travels, music and philosophy of Souren Baronian. Cover art by Kevork Mourad

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Book Contents:   Foreword 1. Childhood and Musical Awakening 2. 1951 and Korea 3. Back in New York: 1950s 4. New York in 1960s 5. Some Reflections about Music 6. The 1970s 7. The 1980s: New Wordls Open 8. The 1990s:World Travels 9. The New Millennium Begins 10. 2006-2010: Still Swinging at 80 11. Giving Thanks Addendum: A Journal of my 1998 trip to Armenia Cover art: Kevork Mourad. Publisher Souren Baronian & J. P. Harpignies. Copyright © 2011 Souren Baronian and J. P. Harpignies

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Souren "Sudan" Baronian

Souren Baronian on duduk

The Magic Carpet Ride is the autobiography of a man who has been on a highly unusual musical and life odyssey for the last 80 plus years. Born in East Harlem in 1930 to Armenian parents who had fled the genocide, Souren Baronian grew up surrounded by traditional Armenian and Middle Eastern and Balkan music at home and got swept up in the golden age of jazz all around him, awed by Lester Young and Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker and company that he snuck into the 52nd Street clubs to see.

After his return from being in the army in Korea (a wild episode), he began intensive studies with several master teachers, especially the legendary Lennie Tristano on the jazz side and the no less remarkable Turkish clarinetist Safet Gundeger on the Middle Eastern side, and Souren eventually grew into a master musician in both idioms and later produced perhaps the earliest and later, with his band Taksim, the most accomplished, authentic, organic “fusion” of these genres.

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