One Day of the City

LILIT PIPOYAN – One Day of the City, 2003, On Sale! © & ® Lilit Pipoyan – 2003 Produced by Lilit Pipoyan, in 2003. Recorded at Brevis Studios, Yerevan. 2003.

CD_F-003 - $12.99 - $5.00 Special Sales
List of Tracks: Time
1. One Day, Music and lyrics: L.Pipoyan -4:37
2. Yerevan, Music and lyrics: V.Tatikian -3:56
3. City, Music and lyrics: L.Pipoyan -3:09 
4. I am Turning Into You, Music and lyrics: L.Pipoyan -3:46 
5. Two Flowers, Music: V.Tatikian, lyrics: M.Metsarents -3:07
6. To Mariam, Music and lyrics: L.Pipoyan -2:53 
7. Apple, Music and lyrics: L.Pipoyan -4:19 
8. Don't Leave, Music: L.Pipoyan, lyrics: V.Terian -2:31
9. Far From You, Unknown -3:21
10. Cilicia, Music: G.Eranian, lyrics: N.Rusinian -3:22
11. Cold Waters, Folk song -3:10
12. My Beloved, Music: L.Pipoyan, lyrics: Paghtasar Dpir -3:28
13. Wish, Music: S.Asatrian, lyrics: V.Terian -3:16 
14.. City, Music: L.Pipoyan -3:07
Total time: 48:02
Lilit Pipoyan -Vocals, piano, keyboards.
Vahan Artsruni - Guitar on track 1.
Vardan Gasparian -Guitar on track 4, 9, 12.
Anjela Nikogosian -Violin.
Astgik Gajoyan -Violin.
Levon Arakelian -Cello.
Lilit Karapetian -Oud.
Nelly Manoukian -Flute.
Eduard Haroutunian -Percussion.
LILIT PIPOYAN -One Day of the City - (2003) © & ® Lilit Pipoyan 2003

Review / Description

Alchemists were looking in vain for the way of transforming earth into gold Listening to Lilit Pipoyan one has the feeling that she has found the secret Being all sad like earth her songs are all radiant like gold and like sun. The radiance of her songs emanates from the sadness It is like joy that emanates from every thing when you are in love.

Marine Petrossian

Read article published in New York Times after Lilit’s concert posted in Life in Armenia Diaspora

Lilit Pipoyan In concert taken place in New York

Lilit Pipoyan on the concert given at NYU Kimmel Center at E & L Auditorium on February 17th, 2004.

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